What do you mean by mixed-gender mentoring pairs?

Mixed-gender mentoring pairs are male-female/female-male mentoring pairs, where one person identifies as male and the other as female. Either gender can be the mentor with the opposite gender being the mentee. Since the work we focus on develops skills across gender, the RML is not intended for same-gender mentoring pairs. We recognize that gender is a fluid construct and we do not intend to oversimplify it. Gender is compelx and we have intentionally chosen it as one way to explore some of the challenges that mentors and mentees encounter. Futhermore, the RML works with gender as a lens that can lead to greater conversations about intersectionality and the qualities that make each of us unique.

At what leadership or seniority level should the mentoring pairs be?

The RML is designed for experienced leaders that are at a director level and above. The mentee should have people directly reporting to them, and their mentor should be at least 1+ level above them within their organizational structure.

Do the mentoring pairs need to be existing or new pairs?

The mentoring pairs can be either newly formed or established mentoring relationships. Existing pairs do bring experience and their own developed point of view which can add to the learning that takes place.

How many mentoring pairs from my company can attend?

Each RML is designed for up to 35 mentoring pairs. Usually, up to eight mentoring pairs can attend a single open enrollment session from one company. If you would like more mentoring pairs to attend, please contact us. Beyond Open Enrollment Labs, we also offer Metro Sponsored (co-sponsored by a corporate partner), and Client Based Labs (held entirely within your organization). For more information about these solutions, email us at rml@greatheartconsulting.com.

"By investing in mixed-gender mentoring relationships, companies can take a step towards creating a more inclusive culture where both men and women lead."

What's included in the RML experience?

The RML is an immersive learning experience that begins when you sign up. Before the workshop, you will engage with various pre-learning materials to begin your learning journey. During the two-day in person workshop, you will meet with other inclusive leaders and be led by world-class faculty through various discussions and skill building exercises. After the workshop, with access to additional resources and a webinar with the faculty, you will apply your learning to expand the mentoring relationship and help your organization build a more inclusive culture.

My city doesn't have a RML scheduled. How can I bring the Lab to my city?

We are excited that you want RML in your city! Let us know that you'd like the Lab to come to your region in the questions/comments section and sign up to receive updates on new RML events.

Can my company host the RML internally?

If you are interested in hosting a Client Based RML, please contact the RML team at rml@greatheartconsulting.com or by reaching us through the form at the bottom of this page.

How can my company co-sponsor the Lab?

If you are interested in sponsoring a Lab, please contact the RML team at rml@greatheartconsulting.com or by reaching us through the form at the bottom of this page.


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